Two great things: summer and a 0% interest promotion

July 5, 2017
Catheryn Hodgson

Keep more money in your pocket.

Save now by taking advantage of the interest-free, 90% financing on new suites at Q Lofts. 0% interest means qualified purchasers will save on interest charges and also avoid the cost of mortgage insurance in the short term.

Long term, you’ll be saving cash by living in one of Canada’s greenest condo buildings boasting the lowest condo fees in Halifax.

Q’s location in the fastest-appreciating area of the peninsula, its proximity to all kinds of fun, the beautiful finishes, and extraordinary energy efficiency make it the best buy in town.

Come take a look at the model suite if you haven’t already. Or get in touch by your preferred method for all the details:






Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Polycorp. When she’s not helping people choose the Q Loft which suits them best, she’s exploring Halifax, the province, many restaurants, and even more home stores.