An Incredible Offer for First-Time Condo Buyers

November 21, 2014
Catheryn Hodgson


If you’ve had your eye on a beautiful new Q Loft but haven’t had an opportunity to organize your finances to pull together the $20,000 deposit, we have an offer for you:

Sign your Q Lofts agreement before December 19, 2014 and we will help you with your deposit.

We’re hoping this offer will help those of you who have told us that you really love Q Lofts, and can qualify for the necessary mortgage, but have your finances tied up elsewhere or simply don’t have the cash on hand. We want to help you as much as possible as you make this major purchase in your life.

This is a limited time offer and, of course, some conditions do apply. But this might be the perfect opportunity to move into your new Q Loft next year.

For more information, call me at (902) 431-9911 to discuss this opportunity and see if you qualify.


Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Polycorp. When she’s not helping people choose the Q Loft which suits them best, she’s exploring Halifax, the province, many restaurants, and even more home stores.