Talk about "come from away"!

November 27, 2018
Catheryn Hodgson


An introduction to Halifax Partnership’s Joe McGuire at a networking event made a big difference to a small Halifax office.

“When I first met Joe, I didn’t immediately think to start the AIP [Atlantic Immigration Pilot] process. Independent of the program, we were looking to hire for a marketing position that was new to our business. The best applicant was a woman who had moved to Halifax under a temporary work visa. She was head and shoulders above the other applicants in terms of her experience, and we felt she was a good fit with her interests and abilities,” says Peter Polley of POLYCORP.

Read all about how Yuna Ahn became the latest POLYpeep, how easy it was, and how it benefits all parties…including our province.

“I like working at POLYCORP because my company trusts the way I work, and gives me diverse opportunities to show my abilities,” says Yuna. “I’m learning every day in a fast-paced environment and experiencing a variety of disciplines from digital marketing to communication design.”

Halifax Partnership – POLYCORP hires new employee through AIP


Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Polycorp. When she’s not helping people choose the Q Loft which suits them best, she’s exploring Halifax, the province, many restaurants, and even more home stores.