The coolest condo in town

August 11, 2016
Catheryn Hodgson


It’s one thing to talk about the in-floor radiant heating and cooling system at Q Lofts. It’s even better when we can show you.

Using a thermal imaging camera, we took a picture of Angela, one of our open house associates, this past Sunday. She’s standing in the living room of the model suite.

To the left of her, you can see the TV console; to the right are the two doors which lead to the balcony (in yellow) and the area rug (in light purple). You can even see the acrylic coffee table sitting atop the rug. The dark purple on which she’s standing is the finished flooring at Q Lofts.

What this image shows are the temperatures in the room at that moment. The warmest part of the room is Angela’s body heat and the coolest is the floor.

Model suite 304 Q Lofts Thermal Imaging






At Q Lofts, all of the heating and cooling is delivered via a closed loop water system as seen below. Once the piping is attached to the sub-floor, the concrete is poured over it, encasing the system.






Here’s a shot of that same living room (sans Angela) taken from the loft bedroom area. See how you can actually see the pipes through the concrete floors? When you consider that a typical suite at Q Lofts has approximately FIVE TONS of concrete topping, it’s ‘cool’ that we can see this.







However, what we are most proud of is that this high mass of the concrete allows us to heat and cool the building using the typical temperature ranges of hot and cold water, which are available from a heat pump.

The heat pumps at Q Lofts operate using a fraction of the energy used by natural gas or a conventional heating system. This contributes to Q having the lowest condo fees in the city and using less than 50% of the energy consumed by a building constructed to the requirements of the Model National Energy Code of Canada.

To view a graphic of how the floors are constructed, click here.

To view the Q Lofts Green Building Schematic, click here.




Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn Hodgson

Catheryn is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Polycorp. When she’s not helping people choose the Q Loft which suits them best, she’s exploring Halifax, the province, many restaurants, and even more home stores.